My Lead Men - 1/6000th Cold War Naval

These are the 1/6000th Figurehead Cold War navy ships that I've got. I originally used them with Shipwreck, but have recently got Naval Command that I'm going to try out. The pic to the left shows you the relative size of these mini's. The aircraft are all 1/1250th Cap Aero mini's. In the UK these mini's can be got from Magister Militum.

All of the ships I've got have the class name and ship name on the bottom - an example is to the right - while on the top they have a 2 letter code for the nationality (GB & WP for Great Britain and Warsaw Pact) and another 2 letter code for the ship type - e.g. 42 for a Type 42 destroyer.
I've also made some missile markers - 6 of them, which you can see to the left. I'm going to give them bigger bases with a dice frame (maybe 2) to record the number of missiles in a salvo.
 To the right are the Royal Navy ships that I've painted; they are:
4 x Type 42 DDG; HMS Liverpool, HMS Glasgow, HMS Nottingham, HMS Newcastle
6 x Type 22/II FFG; HMS Boxer, HMS Brave, HMS London, HMS Coventry, HMS Beaver, HMS Sheffield
3 x Invincible CVL; HMS Invincible, HMS Ark Royal, HMS Illustrious
1 x Argus ATS; RFA Argus

I don't think I'll ever use 3 British carriers at the same time, but there was 3 of them in the pack!
To the left are the unpainted Royal Navy mini's I've got. I'm not sure why I got 2 packs of Valiant/Trafalgar subs ... I doubt the RN ever had 12 and if they did, they would never have all deployed together! As well as these I have some Sea Harriers & Sea Kings
To the right are the Warpac ships I've done:
5 x Sovremenii DDG; Otlichnii, Osmotritelnii, Boyevoy, Sovremenii, Otchayanii
4 x Udaloy DDG; Udaloy, Marshal Vasilevski, Vitse-Admiral Kulajkov, Admiral Zakharov
5 x Krivak III FFG; Dzerzhinski, Pskov, Anadyr, Menzhinski, Orel
4 x Oscar SSGN; Voronezh, Krasnodar, Orel, Smolensk
4 x Akula SSN; Akula, Kashlot, Bars, Pantera
Here are the Warpac aircraft I've done - they're not finished - I need to do the cockpits and some red blobs - stars at this is size is way too ambitious! They are:
2 x Badger-G
4 x Flanker (only 3 in the pic tho')

I need to make the bases bigger as they are quite unsteady with the size they are at present
And finally, to the right are the unpainted Warpac mini's I have. The barely visible mini on the lolly stick (for painting) is one of the 4 Kiev class carriers I've got
I've also got a few unpainted US Navy ships, that I got from a friend for whom they were spares; they are: 2 x Knox, 2 x Garcia & 2 x Ticonderoga

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  1. Modern ships are not my thing but I do want to get into some naval wargaming so I will check them and the maker out