My Lead Men - 3mm Cold War Land

My 3mm Cold War project has been a long time in the makin.g. All the figures are by Oddzial Osmy, and can be bought from Fighting 15s or Magister Militum in the UK. As usual with my figures, they've all been dipped and have had a coat of satin varnish as well; all I need to do to them is add some flock and they'll be ready to go.

I originally had them based for Vandering Publication's Tankwreck, but have been changing that (slowly!) and now there is two kinds of basing. To the right is an example of company basing. It shows a Soviet BMP mech' infantry company on the left & a T80 company on the right. The company basing is for Nordic Weasel Games' FiveCore Brigade Commander.

edited 30-Sep-16: Here is a close-up pic of a US Brigade Commander base

The other basing method is individual, as the majority of the figures in the pic to the left are. I've used pennies for the bases, although the company command elements have 2 vehicles on 2-pence pieces. In the pic, the vehicles to the left are US and there is a selection of M1's M2's, etc. The group on the top right of the pic are BMP2s,
The pic to the right shows my Soviet company bases. There are a few T80s, a bunch of T64s, some BTRs, BMPS and a few others
And this last pic shows my US company bases with some Soviet individuals
The individual bases I intend to use with Sabre Squadron and Nordic Weasel's Company Commander