My Lead Men - White Russians for Back of Beyond

15-Sep-16 completely re-written
27-Sep-16 added pic of Tank & Sniper
30-Sep-16 updated pics of Tank & Sniper, re-wrote text
06-Oct-16 added pics of armourerd cars, infantry 52-55, medic + signaller
The pics below show the current state of the White Russian force that I have put together for games of Contemtible Little Armies using the Back of Beyond army lists book for those rules.

All the painted figures in these shots have been 'dipped' using Army Painter's strong tone and then had a coat of satin varnish on that. The figures are mainly from Copplestone's Back of Beyond White Russian range, but there is a pack of Pulp Figures, and the steam tank & armoured cars are from Ironclad Miniatures.
The officers; 2nd from right is commanding colonel,
right is his staff officer
The colonel's bodyguard & the standard bearers
Lewis gunners & buglers
The laaaaaydies
Infantry 1-10
Infantry 11-20
Infantry 21-30
Infantry 31-40
Infantry 41-51
Infantry 52-55
Medic + signaller
Support weapons
Field Gun close-up
HMG 1 close-up
Steam Tank
"armoured car" no.1 with Copplestone Pilot
"armoured car" no.2
The Sniper
Cavalry 1-6
Cavalry 7-12
Cavalry 13-18
Unmade Warbases Tachanka Big Bundle

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